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VAT, Corporation tax and end of year accounts

Making Tax Digital Excel Bridging

We provide a HMRC Recognised web based solution for submitting your VAT returns for Making Tax digital. You can use your own excel spreadsheet or use an export Excel or CSV from any program such as Sage, Access Dimensions etc..

Cloud based so no plugins or software to install

As our system is web based there is no software to download or plugins which means you can use any spreadsheet program. Simply upload your spreadsheet through our software.

Most of our users carry on using the same spreadsheet

You can configure our system the sheet and cells to extract the data so you can carry on working with the spreadsheet you currently use

Corporation tax (CT600) and Accounts production

Simplifies and automates the process of submitting corporation tax returns.

Fully integrated with Quickbooks and xero

Connect your Quickbooks or Xero account and we will automatically pull in your trial balance and categorise it through AI to populate your corporation tax and statutory accounts. You can also do a 360 journal to ensure all your data is synced.


With API integration with Companies house we populate the majority of information for your submissions.

From Hackathon to a solution that customers love

Why tax optimiser?

We are passionate about improvement. We looked at the tooling and processes and realised there was massive scope for innovation and time savings for accountants and small businesses


VAT - We provide a tool so you can upload your spreadsheet to submit your VAT return to HMRC

End of year accounts and Corporation tax returns - We provide a tool so you can upload your spreadsheet or link to your cloud accounting platform to populate

Calculators - we provide various calculators to help you answer your common accounting questions.

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