Questions & Answers

We answer your most common questions about Making Tax Digital

1. Can I use my own spreadsheet? Yes

You can carry on using your existing Excel spreadsheet as long as you calculate the 9 box VAT totals. The you will need to specify in tax optimiser the sheet and cells to extract the data from. Then use our upload section to bridge the excel file to send to HMRC.

2. Do you support older version of Excel or other spreadsheet software like LibreOffice, Open office? Yes

We support Excel 97-onwards. We have also had clients who use a range of other spreadsheet software successfully use our software. If you have any doubt feel free to sign up and try it out.

3. I am using Sage 50 / Sage 200 / Access Dimensions / SAP B1 ... Can I use your tax optimiser? ... Yes

As long as you are able to export an excel/csv file from your existing system, software you can upload it to tax optimiser to extract the data and submit it to HMRC. All you need to do in the VAT settings is set the what sheet and cells to extract the data from. We have had clients on a range of software including all version of Sage Line 100, Sage Instant, Sage 50, Sage 200, Access Dimension use our software successfully.

4. Can I just type in my vat totals in to a spreadsheet and send it through tax optimiser? No

As part of the new legislation you can not just manually add up the totals and key them in to the spreadsheet. All the values need to be calculated either from software or formulas within the spreadsheet.

5. I have a bespoke system. How would I use your software?

You will just need to output an Excel / CSV file with the 9 box totals calculated. You can then upload your Excel spreadsheet in to our software to then send it to HMRC

6. Can tax optimiser be white labelled?

There is the ability to add your own logos, brand colours and your own web address ie