The award winning advanced tax calculator and monitoring service

The calculator analyses both the organisation and individuals to work out the best scenarios to save on corporation tax, VAT, NI and income tax. It is full integrated in to most cloud accounting solutions such as Xero and Quickbooks to continually monitor the every changing financial situation of the organisation


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We provide a fantastic tool to help save time and money


Being a soletrader or a limited company is not just about how much you turnover. Should you use the Flat Rate VAT Scheme? How should you structure your dividend and salary? We provide multiple scenaro and tips to help you decide

Save Time and Money

1. Simple Interface

We provide an easy to use calculator that outputs

2. Monitor Your Clients

No one can continually analyse their clients accounts. Clients may not tell their accountant about an invoice that changes their tax position. We can continutally analyse your software to work highlight savings and risks such as whether the directors loan account has been overdrawn so not in incur the S455 charge or whether someone should be VAT registered.

3. Integrate with your favourite cloud software

We integrate with all the main book keeping providers such as Xero, Quickbooks, Freeagent and Sage.

4. The Marketplace

Not everyone has the expertise to implement a scheme such as R & D Tax Relief. We show you the ways to save tax then put you in touch with the people that can help you implement the software.

Tax Calculator

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