We provide a free* bridging tool for MTD VAT for businesses and accountants

Whether you are a VAT Group or your accounting solution that doesn't support HMRC MTD VAT. We provide a tool to submit returns, view payment and whether your clients have any liabilities.

*free for individual organisations for the first year see pricing for more details

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We provide a variety of function to submit VAT returns


If you need are using a bespoke system, submitting on behalf of a VAT group or you are using software that does not support MTD then our excel import will solve your problem.

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1. Multiple Systems

As an accountancy firm you may be running a variety of accounting solutions. tax optimiser provides a single screen to pull and submit the data.

2. Custom Validation

We provide a collection of rules to double check whether there could be an issue. For example the sales nominal does not match the return value or whether the previous years return for the same period is within 10%

3. Bridging the Divide

Your transaction must be stored digitally but there can be a variety of reasons you will not be able to submit your returns through the software. For example VAT Groups, a system that doesn't support MTD VAT, or for securtiy reasons the accounting solution may not have access to the internet. We provide a simple to use spreadsheet to upload to tax optimiser which can then process the VAT return.

4. Workflow

We automatically send emails to your clients to confirm whether all the data is correct saving you time. We also track the payments once the return has been filed.

Excel MTD Bridge

How does the Excel bridging for the MTD API work?

Upload your own custom Excel format and we send it over the new MTD API

Send a VAT return in four easy steps

  • 1. Configure the sheet and cells to collect the data from
  • 2. Select the VAT obligation in the software
  • 3. Upload the excel file
  • 4. Send the VAT Return

  • Compatible with all version of Excel
  • If you have special requirements then let us know

Organisation Pricing


Pricing is for the VAT module only. Sign up for free today

Basic / Free for the first year

  • Organisations
  • Excel/CSV import
  • Usually £40/year
  • Free for the first year
£ 30 /Yearly/Organisation
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Accountants Pricing


Pricing is for the VAT module only. Sign up for free today billing starts when you send your first return

We also offer the option to white label tax optimiser with your firms branding and custom website address

Early Bird Discounts for anyone that signs up before April 2019

Basic 5 tier

  • Early Bird 10 Organisations
  • Excel import
  • Usually 5 Organisations
£ 5 /Monthly
Free Trial

Basic 50

  • Up to 50 Organisations
  • Validation Rules
  • Excel import
  • Usually £25/month
  • White labelling available at additional cost
£ 15 /Month
Free Trial

Basic 50+

  • Unlimited Organisations
  • Validation Rules
  • Excel import
  • White labelling available at additional cost
£ Call us /Month
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Making Tax Digital - All you need to know about VAT returns

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Here is a video on our thoughts about Making Tax Digital VAT Returns and how to be as productive as possible

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